1. Your full name, physical address, telephone number, email address.
  2. How did you hear about Regency Norfolk
  3. Why do you want a Norfolk Terrier
  4. How long have you been looking and are you on another breeder's list
  5. Do you have a dog or dogs currently (describe by breed, sex, age and personality)
  6. Have you previously owned a dog or dogs.  Please list and describe and tell me what happened to that dog(s) (age died, cause of death, if placed, why and with whom).
  7. How many members in your family (ages, names)  Is this dog for any particular member of family.
  8. Do you live in apartment or home or other.  Do you own or rent.  If you rent could you provide me with Landlord's name and phone number.
  9. Do you have a fenced yard.  What type of fencing and size of yard
  10. Do you have a swimming pool.  If you do, is it properly fenced off so your puppy/dog cannot fall in pool
  11. Who will be responsible for following:  puppy/dog's training, house training, taking dog for walks, taking dog to vet for check up and routine medical care, grooming and cutting the nails
  12. Where will dog/puppy stay when you aren't home.  
  13. How many hours a day will you spend with your puppy/dog
  14. Where will dog sleep
  15. If you travel or go out of town on business or vaction, who will care for your dog
  16. If you leave home for an extended period of time, would someone be there with dog or puppy to walk or feed dog
  17. Do you plan to obedience train your dog
  18. What makes you a good dog owner
  19. Please provide me the names and telephone number of two references, a veterinarian, groomer (if used), kennel or dog sitter (if used)
  20. If your Norfolk dug a hole in your yard, or chewed up you favorite shoe, how would you react
  21. If you have a problem or didn't understand an activity that your dog/puppy was doing, who would you call to find out what to do?
  22. Pictures of your home, yard, pool, fencing, gates, and family

We have bred Lori to Rico and expect a litter at end of November 2019. Available to new home middle of January. 

Grand Champion Champion Glenelg Riches at Regency (Rico)  has been Bred to Ch Regency's Say A Little Prayer (Lori).

Our Expectations

Puppies and planned litters

Regency Norfolk Terriers


  • Our dogs come to their new homes with the hope of providing lifetime companionship to their new owners.  We reserve the right to not sell a Norfolk to people we don't think will provide them a lifetime home.
  • A Norfolk is one of the most precious and protected terrier breeds, with only 250 puppies being born in the United States annually.  There are more males than females born (approximately 3 males to every female).
  • Our pet/companion dogs will be sold on a American Kennel Club (AKC) limited registration.  This means you cannot breed or show this puppy.  You will be able to show the dog in Obedience, Agility, Earthdog, Barn Hunt, Nose work,  or other events. 
  • Potential Show dog/breeding quality dogs will be sold on a contract and co owned until certain requirements are met.  That contract is available for review after you submit an application which is approved.
  • The price is $4,000 (firm) plus pick up of the dog. No shipping provided.  You are welcome to visit our home (we are not a kennel) to meet the parents and the other dogs after your application is approved. We live in South Texas.  Nearest airport is MFE.
  • The parents of your dog have been health tested.  The tests and dates administered will be provided to you in writing upon request.  
  • My dogs are lovingly raised in my home and socialized to the extent that I can do without endangering them or exposing them to illness.  Because of their small size (5 to 6 lbs) at the age of 10 to 12 weeks.  The earliest  you can pick up your puppy is 10 weeks of age as per requirement of the Norfolk Terrier Club Code of Ethics.  I work with you and other puppy owners to schedule that pickup.  
  • Our dogs are guaranteed.  We will take any dog back anytime in its lifetime.  We have first right of refusal should you ever want to sell or place the Norfolk.  You will sign a written contract that is available on request after you are approved for ownership. 

Copy and paste to a Word Doc or Page doc and email to Regencynorfolks@aol.com