Regency Norfolk Terriers

Friends and Owners

    Mike and I enjoy bringing people into our home to meet their new family member and to let them experience more than one Norfolk Terrier.  We hope that they will stay in touch for the life of their dog, and we are there for training issues, health concerns, or just to send a Christmas Card to let us know that our extended family is doing well.  After more than 20 years of breeding and placing puppies and dogs in carefully selected homes, we are now experiencing people returning for their new Norfolk when their other Norfolk has passed over the rainbow bridge.  We have shared many a laugh and experienced much joy with our owners and friends.  Likewise, we have shed tears and sorrow at the loss of a beloved pet or concern over an illness or accident.  Any owner can return any of our Norfolk to us at any time.  No questions asked.  If they can't afford to pay to ship them back, we will step up to the plate and bring them home and make the arrangements. Fortunately, we have only had to do this three times in 20 years.  Things worked out great for those Norfolk, their old owners, and their new owners when we were able to rehome them.  We only rehome a Norfolk when they have been to our vet, any medical issues dealt with, and any social problems corrected.